Do you have a roadmap you are willing to share?

Alta team, are you willing to share road map plans with your forum family? I would NOT expect timelines or promised dates for any feature sets. However, it would be amazing to see a 10k foot view of what you have planned for us.


That’s a great question! I will have to check on that, and get back to you.

Certainly, very many are very interested in it. Perspectives are always beautiful.

I can share that I decided to wait on purchasing an Alta POE switch due to the unclear roadmap on the self-hosted controller.

I do not mind accepting the risk with the access point. I don’t want to invest into more hardware given there is no clear roadmap or idea when even a beta will be offered for the self-hosted controller.

I agree here. I want to hear more about the on premise controller and see something tangible on progress. We are here in your community more than willing to help test and build. Give us a container or OVA or something to work with to help move along.

I already have 3 client locations that are getting ready for equipment upgrades, but I don’t dare even offer until there is a stable local controller options.

Even something like Grandstream is doing would be sweet. Their equipment can be run independently, on prem controller, OR cloud controller.