Device Names Sorting Leading Space

Saw an issue when sorting by device name they were not sorted alphabetically. Eventually realized there was a leading space. This is user error, just wondering if that should be allowed.

Also is there a way that the switch can pull the device names from DNS, allowing DNS names vs manually assigned names?


Was it that they weren’t being sorted at all? Or that the names with leading spaces were sorted in a way you weren’t expecting?

By default, the system will show the hostname of the device, which most hosts will have. There have been reports that we’re investigating that there may be a delay in getting that hostname displayed if the host has roamed and unknown quantity of times, and we’re currently working to get that resolved.

Using hostnames instead of DNS (referring to FQDN here) is going to be a more favorable route as not everyone will have FQDNs assigned to their devices. There is potential to perhaps have an FQDN lookup done as a secondary measure should obtaining the hostname fail. I can pass that thought on to the developers.

Good question, there was no indication that the leading space existed, for example a visible indentation. The UI omitted it after edit mode and in edit mode you could see the space. Devices with the leading space were ordered in the way it was the same leading character.

Maybe it be a selectable advanced option should it be implemented?
iOT devices tend to be the use case here, many don’t have a hostname.