Custom download rate / iOS


i got a site set up that’s not online yet. I spanned three SSID’s there. One without download limiting - the other two with.
On one of them the 20 or 40 Mbs did not suit me and i saw scrolling down i coul add a specific speed. Added 30Mbs there. On the third (Guest with hotspot) i did that too.
But when i look in the iOS app then, download rate says unlimited. Is this a bug in iOS?

Another thing is i played on the guest network with scheduling, not sure if i need it when the time comes. The thought was then, if the need arises to quick switch the scheduling off when needing this network at scheduled off hours - but in iOS again the ON/OFF switch for that i do not see…


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@Chris I’ve confirmed that we’re seeing this here as well. We will get this resolved soon, thank you for the report.

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Thanks!! :slight_smile: