Client insights

More info on the connected client.
Right now you can only see the connected AP.
I would like to see things like;

Signal strength
AP client balance
Mimo config
Tx/Rx speed
In and outgoing traffic (sum)

It is possible not to see some of these in the Device table. Here’s an example at my house. We can look at other stats as well…

You can also see more of the info you requested if you hover over the individual traffic graph for each device:

Thanks for the response.
Still adopting to the UI and switching from desktop to mobile isn’t realy helping right now as functionality and overal look and feel are pretty different right now.
For now (as far as i can see) these statistics are only available within the browser based manager and not in the app. As for usability (only) in a responsive graph this can be somewhat confusing and not very friendly and expected when you want to see the info on a client.
IMHO you should be able to click on a client and then beeing presented with there statistics/information. This makes it much more user friendly on every platform (mobile, app, small or big screen etc).
I sincerely hope my input can help develop the platform.
Keep up the good work.