Behavior of Different Network Types


I have a few questions relating to the different network types available on the AP6.

Thank you!

  • IOT: Are clients on the same IoT network isolated from one another?

  • Guest: Same question as for IoT. Also wondering specifically what traffic is permitted from Guest to IoT networks.

  • Internet: Is it expected that devices on these networks won’t receive IP addresses from the router? I set one up and added two devices. Neither one showed up in my Firewalla device list, and their IP addresses were blank on the Alta device list.


perhaps this will help you some?

Thanks, I had read through this but wasn’t sure if it was saying just inter-VLAN guest and IoT traffic is blocked or if intra-VLAN traffic is blocked too (i.e. client isolation). Also hoping for some clarification on the internet only behavior I was seeing.

For the Guest networks, I’m also hoping to understand what specifically is being allowed with regard to the following section:

Optimized for all networks where Internet access is the primary method of communication, with access to a printer or a streaming/casting device also allowed