AP6 Pro - Impressive!

Very excited for everything Alta Labs is doing! I was fortunate to test out a AP6 Pro and have been very impressed with the unit can’t wait to see it take off!

First off, the packaging demonstrates quality right out of the box. Sleek design and coloring of the package is attractive. Gives the impression that the product as been around for awhile and already through a few product iterations. General feel of the AP feels durable and designed for quality.

The setup process was easy and intuitive. I didn’t run into any trouble setting it up. I was impressed with the range of the AP6 Pro. I have a mesh network in my home, but the AP6 Pro covered my whole house and then some.

The Controller looks great and is easy to navigate. I like the customization of the columns and felt it was very responsive. I found it very easy to add additional Users to the controller. I like how simple it is to switch between Dashboard, Network, Devices and Settings and how those options don’t take too much real estate on the browser. I like the General Notes box as well to make comments about the Sites. Loving the Dark Mode and how it can be set to follow the appearance of your system.

A bit of feedback/suggestions -

  • Might be helpful to clarify Devices vs Clients, maybe something like “Alta Devices” and “Client Devices”.
  • I did find it hard sometimes to identify a device Name. Seems there are a lot of “No name” on some of the devices that connected to the network.
  • Will there be language options for the controller page?
  • Will there be user roles to access the controller like Administrator, Viewer, Member, etc.?

Overall, I am very impressed with everything and am looking forward to see Alta Labs grow!


Hey @Nate_Dennis thanks for the feedback! Glad you’re enjoying the experience.

I’ll get with the team and get back to you with some responses about the plans…