AP SSID stops all device connections after changing Download/Upload Rate

I’ve just recently noticed (although not sure if its 1.1f related) that if I go into the advanced settings on my SSID and change the download/upload rate to 40mbps, all of my devices lose complete access to the APs and I am no longer able to connect back to my network until I delete the SSID entirely and re-add it.

Would love to know if others are experiencing this issue and if I can file a bug report.


@dbrooks I have a couple of follow up questions for you, if you don’t mind? Are you rating limiting within a password? Or just the overall SSID?

When you say your devices lose complete access, do you see the SSID broadcasting still and just can’t connect? Or does the SSID disappear altogether?

@Alta-Chase Rate limiting the entire SSID that has 1 password associated to it.

You can see in the network activity that all traffic drops to 0 kb/s. The SSID is still broadcasting but I am unable to sign into it, almost as if the password has changed.

@dbrooks Thanks for the additional info! This is the first report of this we have received. We will work this through in labs to see if we can replicate. We will be back in touch shortly!

Unsure if this is related but I also lost my 2.4Ghz entirely. IOT SSID did not show at all and only 5Ghz devices were connected. Restarting via POE cycling resolved the issue. Any way for me to send logs?

@dbrooks there are a few things we can look at. If you want to email me (matt@alta.inc) or send a chat in the forum we can troubleshoot a bit further…