Alta Mobile -- Release Notes (Android)

Thanks for all of your feedback helping improve the Alta products!

1.9.1 Release Notes

Released on 05/08/2024

New Features:

  • Add ability to Delete SSID
  • Default Network Type section for open and enterprise security
  • Improved Network UI and filtering
  • Add ability to Delete Network Device
  • Add Access Point Scan Support
  • Improved System Settings UI
  • Support for Managing SSH keys
  • Support for Changing time zone
  • Support for modify user avatar and password


  • Improve cloud connectivity

1.8.5 Release Notes

Released on 04/17/2024

New Features:

  • Support Firmware update
  • Implement forgot password
  • Implement confirmation alert for leaving without safe
  • Implement general setting in System Tab
  • Support block and forget client
  • Prevent creation of duplicated passwords in SSID
  • Implement several warning banners to prevent undesired behavior
  • Support for WPA3, Power User, BSS Transition and Multi-VLAN in SSID Settings
  • Support setting mesh ability for Access Points


  • Improve general UI
  • Improve cloud connection
  • Improve permissions handling

1.6.6 Release Notes

Released on 03/19/2024


  • Improve cloud connection architecture

1.6.5 Release Notes

Released on 03/15/2024

New Features:

  • Non-admin and locked/unlocked password support
  • SSID filter
  • Notification configuration support


  • Fetch historical stats when changing sites
  • Prevent user self-deletion from site
  • Resolve several issues with SSID and device field inputs
  • Improve wireless client screen

1.5.2 Release Notes

Released on 02/09/2024

New Features:

  • Support for Switch Models S8, S16, and S24.
  • Support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Ability to Filter Clients and Network Devices by Wired and Wireless.


  • Fix Top Active Devices not showing on dashboard screen.

1.2.0 Release Notes - Initial Public Release*

Released on 12/11/2023


  • Create new wireless network
  • Set up first site


  • Show live and historical traffic stats
  • Show top network devices and active devices
  • Add and delete sites
  • Delete account


  • Setup new devices through bluetooth and Internet
  • Edit access point information
  • Show live and historical traffic stats by access point and switch


  • Show live and historical traffic stats by device
  • Edit device information


  • Add and edit SSIDs
  • Add and delete users
  • Filter applications and domains

Known limitations:

  • MFA Login support is pending
  • Network Device Count is not always accurate
  • Switch support is pending
  • SSID Schedule setting and editing is pending
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