Additional Users in Cloud Management


i would like to see the possibility to add more users with different rights to an excisting account.

Example - you have two or more sites with two or more admins on these separated locations and want to have the local admins only access to their responsible sites but one in the headquarters with access to all sites of the comany.


Hi, I think I understand your request, and I think it’s currently possible with Site Manager.

One admin can create 2 sites, have access to both, and then invite a single / additional admin to each individual site.

Is that what you’re looking for?

To add to this, I would love for a “read only” user that can be given to the homeowner/IT manager so they can see what is going on, but not change anything.


on the Users tab then? I did not see that - my fault, sorry!
But to clarify - if i invite a user there, that one has only access to the site i make the invitation from?
That would be sufficient - thanks!

Correct, when you are on a site and you invite another user they will only have access to that site. There isn’t a way, at least at this time, to invite another “global” admin for the sites you manage.

To my knowledge we are planning to add a read-only type account, at least.

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@Ethan-DDI @Alta-MikeD is correct! We are working on deploying a handful of user types. At the very least a “view only” and more of an “admin light” (SSID and site schedule change only, as an example.

Please keep the feedback coming!

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