Ability to transfer settings from one AP / Switch to another

As I look forward to rolling out more Alta gear, I am requesting the ability to transfer settings from one device to another. As an example, if I have a 24 port switch go bad, and I replace it, it would be great to click “adopt setting from existing switch” and choose the old switch in the list. This makes replacement much faster than pulling up both device cards and trying to make sure everything matches up.


This one seems like a no-brainer. I would like to say it’s already on the roadmap, but I don’t know. I will look into that and follow up.

This has been added to the roadmap. I can’t comment beyond that at this time, but if/when we do have updates, then we’ll share them here.

There needs to be more added to the global AP/switch settings other than light color. You should be able to set stuff such as bands and power globally not have to do it per AP.

Is the configuration stored online, or read from the device when it is accessed?

If the configuration is not stored online, then being able to transfer settings to a new device upon failure of a previous one wouldn’t be possible (outside of color based settings)

Perhaps an option to export/import configs would also be handy? so that we could save a local copy just in case the device fails.