8 port switch missing from management

My 8 port alta switch is no longer showing up in the management site. It however does still show in the ios app however it doesn’t let me see or manage any of its settings.
Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 6.03.57 PM

So on mobile, we don’t yet support switch configuration which is why it won’t let you manage any of its settings from the app. Is it possible that the view has changed on the web? On the right there is a drop down menu with the text Options. Is wired still checked?

lol yeah you were correct I had wired devices unchecked so it wasn’t showing the switch. :+1:

Actually that makes me notice something, if I am looking at my devices on the devices tab and uncheck wired, it also unchecks it for the network tab.

I’m glad there was an easy explanation for that. We’ve chased down a few bugs with devices showing up in the apps, but I have yet to see it on the web.

I’ll be honest, I actually hadn’t noticed that before. I would guess this is the intended behaviour, so that one doesn’t have to toggle the same setting either off or on when switching pages. I’m going to check and I’ll let you know, as I’m curious about that.

So to confirm, this setting is intentionally global. We’re open to hear feedback, so please let me know if you have any thoughts or concerns.

oh yeah its fine now that I know about it, as a user though I would think global settings would be up at the top though not inside the tab view. That also would then clutter up the top so Im not sure whats best.